Clayton Morar Media is full-service public relations and marketing agency whose areas of expertise include celebrities, lifestyle, hospitality, business, food, drinks, TV, film, music, franchise, entertainment, night life, health, wellness, and fashion.

Situated in Cape Town, Clayton Morar Media is known for delivering creative and customiSed public relations strategies designed around our client’s specific goals and objective that will further strengthen and market their brands within the industry.



Clayton Morar has established himself as one of the foremost celebrity talent and public relations experts in South Africa. Having previously worked at tvplus magazine (the 8th largest magazine in SA, within the Media24 brand) as assistant news editor for over four years, Clayton has gained the reputation of being a credible and respected celebrity journalist, blogger, radio and TV personality and is highly sought-after at media and entertainment events.

Now he hosts events, and has transitioned over into the fast-paced, yet exciting world of social media PR, events and celebrity media services. If getting your name/brand out there is your mission, or you’re needing premium A-List celebrities and media, Clayton Morar is your man.